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Vietsonic cung cấp 1 bài viết hướng dẫn về việc thiết kế mối hàn theo tiêu chuẩn hàn siêu âm.

Tựa đề: Part Design for Ultrasonic Welding.

Tóm tắt:

Ultrasonic energy has been used to join thermoplastics for over 35 years. Ultrasonic welding of thermoplastic materials is by far the most common form of ultrasonic assembly, and is used extensively in all major industries including: automotive, appliance, electronic, toy, packaging, textile, and medical. It offers advantages in speed, economy, and efficiency, and is frequently chosen when parts are too complex or expensive to be molded in one piece.
This bulletin provides guidelines to aid the designer during the initial concept stage of a new product design, ensuring optimum production results. The dimensions given in the designs should be used as guidelines only, since the specifics of your application may require variations. (tải về)

Thiết kế tối ưu trong hàn siêu âm

Vietsonic cung cấp 1 bài báo khoa học về việc thiết kế tối ưu trong hàn siêu âm.

Tựa đề: An Optimized Design of the Bearing in Machines for Ultrasonic Machining Processes.

Tóm tắt:

In high-power ultrasonic manufacturing processes, the design of the bearing of the components transmitting ultrasound is of particular importance, since the position of the nodal planes in the vibrating structure is altering as a consequence of changing coupling conditions during the process. A special bearing, which reduces the residual vibrations at the fixing ring by a system of several resonators, has been developed for the use in ultrasonic production processes, such as tube drawing and wire drawing but also drilling and welding. Since the transmitted longitudinal vibrations always involve radial components as well, the dynamic stiffness of the coupling on the interface between the components transferring energy and the components deleting vibration is very important. In the method described in this paper, an optimization of dynamic behavior is attained by stiffness-reduced coupling. (tải về)

Nghiên cứu thiết kế khuôn hàn siêu âm dạng bậc tròn

Vietsonic cung cấp 1 bài báo khoa học về việc thiết kế khuôn hàn siêu âm dạng bậc tròn.

Tựa đề: Study on ultrasonic stepped horn geometry design and fem simulation.

Tóm tắt:

The paper deals with study through Finite Element Method (FEM) of ultrasonic stepped horn used to aid electro-discharge machining (EDM+US). The thermal phenomena are dominant within EDM machining mechanism. The role of US aiding is to intensify the material thermal removal through cavitational phenomena. Several studies were carried on in order to analyze the influence of steps lenghths and diameters and corner radius size on own frequency of stepped ultrasonic horns. A good agreement between the FEM results and theoretical and experimental data was emphasized. Methods to adjust the own frequen cy of stepped horns by adjusting the lengths, diameters and additional machning of a groove at gravity centre level of horn are presented. (tải về)

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